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quality worksmanship
Quality workmanship and functionality are paramount when it comes to our bamboo furniture and Tiki Huts. In addition to the classic bamboo and Polynesian look that has been around for many years, we incorporate touches of modern design that gives the tell-tale trace of superior craftsmanship.

Our Tiki Huts are custom designed to exacting standards of quality and durability, superior to others that you may find . We only use hand selected and dried bamboo. Additionally, all of our items are handmade and therefore have that special touch which significantly increases their value and durability.

Our designs have a hint of modern trends but retain the reminiscent character of our cultural background. Years of product development have made the Philippines a trendsetter among furniture suppliers in Asia and we are proud to be able to make some of them available to you here in the US and abroad.

Manufactured exclusively by TGF, Authentic Handcraft and Furniture Inc.

environmentally friendly
In addition to it's incredible strength, beauty and flexibility, bamboo is very environmentally friendly. More frequently it is being utilized as a resource in place of endangered woods. Bamboo has the appearance of wood, but in reality is a type of grass. This is important because bamboo, like all grass, grows very quickly and is not at risk of becoming endangered. It may be surprising to learn that some types of bamboo need not be replanted and are capable of independent reproduction, as much as 18 inches per day.

Customer Service
We are a family run business and the direct importers of our entire product line, which means that each item is inspected to ensure superior quality and craftsmanship. We also personally assemble each product at your residence to ensure many years of enjoyment and stand behind every product. We are confident that you will not only be happy with our products, but thrilled to work with us.

Lastly, we want to make our products are affordable and ensure the customer that we will not be undersold and
will beat any competitor's price.


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