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Our Bamboo Tiki Huts are custom designed to exacting standards of quality and durability, superior to others that you may find and can only be found here. We only use hand selected and dried bamboo. Additionally, all of our items are handmade and therefore have that special touch which significantly increases their value and durability.

If you have any questions that are not addressed below, feel free to contact us through e-mail or by phone at (408) 737-2680

How do I care for my Tiki Hut?

Caring for your Tiki Hut is quite easy and requires very little effort.  However, as with anything that is outdoors for any period of time, certain precautions should be taken to ensure years and years of enjoyment.

  • The first step is to keep it clean from dirt and dust on a regular basis. Simply use a moist cloth to wipe down all the surfaces.

  • Throughout the wet / winter months, any outdoor product will have a tendency to collect mold. This can be mitigated by a keeping a layer of the oil-based varnish in high traffic areas like the floor near the entrance. Once a year you will want to re-apply a waterproof laquer or marine varnish to to maintain to keep it's high-gloss appearance and protect it from the weather. If you identify any areas of mold growth, simply use a diluted bleach and water solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts water) in a spray bottle and lightly scrub them out with a sponge.

  • For areas that are exposed to direct sunlight more than others, a second application of laquer may be needed throughout the year. Typically, you would want to re-laquer every 4-5 years on average.

  • The top of the roof will naturally fade over time as it is exposed to sunlight and the weather. The cosmetic life expectancy for the roof is typically 8 years. This will have no effect on the performance of the roof and it will still remain functional keeping water from leaking in, for some it is a matter of asthetics. If your roof needs replacement, we offer a roof replacement service for a fee of $950.

How can I buy any of these products?

Simply give us a call, send us an email or visit us at a homeshow.


Is there any special preparation for a new Tiki Hut?

All you need is to have a clear and level location for any of our structures. It's recommended that you place a concrete stepping stone or low pavers for further stability.


I've seen other similar products. Why are your items higher quality?

Our products may appear very similar to competative products, however they are not the same. For example, our Tiki Huts are custom developed exclusively for us, we manage the manufacturing process, and make use of a mixture of Mahogany, Luan and Tangili wood frame to ensure it will last for years. We encourage any specific questions you may have about our products and how they are engineered.


Where can I go to see one in person before buying?

The best method is to come visit us at one of the many home shows or county fairs we exhibit nearest to you. That way, you can see the items in person and judge the quality and workmanship for yourself.


Do you provide warranty on your Tiki Huts?

We provide a 1 Year structural warranty. However, expect the structure to last 10 to 15+ years.


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